Back in Action !


Sorry for the lack of post’s. It’s been a hell of a year and my art has been the on the increase. I’ve moved back to traditional work for the time being. The last four months in general I’ve been very busy creatively and I’m pushing   out one or two pieces a day now. Nearly finished another Sketchbook off as well, then I’ll move up a size (a5-a4-a3). Here’s some more recent work. Since its been such a long time I’m just going to add a gallery on here as well as post update pics. That way I’m not spamming with a years worth of art updates. 

Harken out ^.^ 

















Quite pleased with ow this one turned out. I’m not very good at backgrounds, so I’ve left it out incase it ruined the picture. One thing for next year is to work more on backgrounds and cityscapes. All I’ve done this year is life drawing and concentrate on poses. So I really need to get my backgrounds up to scratch. Enjoy this drawing I’ve Domino done on Paper 53 on my IPad Air.


Update. Still alive.


Wow so long since I last posted. I’m still going at it every day. Though I can’t seem to see any improvement. Maybe it’s just me. Work is sapping my energy out and I’m totally pooped by the time I get home. But I just sneeze what I can out before I go to bed. Maybe not everything I’ve done since July, but here’s some choice bits.